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Twystematic Theology starts tomorrow

Assuming Twuffer¬†does what it says on the tin (well, website…), the first tweet of this project will go out tomorrow at 9am. The first one is not exciting; the second one will follow at 9.05, and is more interesting. Ten tweets should go out on Monday, and another ten between Tuesday and Thursday to get the thing going; after that, things will slow down a bit – probably two a day for the next week.

The first section, on the definition of theology, will be completed on Thursday, at which point I will post all the tweets in a blog post here, at which point I invite comment or discussion.

Thanks all for following!

Why ‘twystematics’?

Why call this ‘twystematics’?

As reflected elsewhere, the form more nearly represents an older version of theological summary, which tended to be called a Summa or Institutes.

But ‘systematics’ is our modern term for the genre.

And ‘Twumma’ would have sounded really silly.