The whole of Christian doctrine, 140 characters at a time

Who is behind this?

Just me.

My name is Steve Holmes. I am a Baptist minister, ordained within the Baptist Union of Great Britain and presently accredited by the Baptist Union of Scotland, and I have been active in church leadership for most of the past two decades. For the last fifteen years or so, however, my paid employment has been teaching theology in universities, presently the University of St Andrews, where I am Senior Lecturer in Theology. I have joint-authored a couple of textbooks on systematic theology, alongside a number of other books (list on my personal blog here), and I am one of the editors of the International Journal of Systematic Theology (website here). None of these publishers/organisations endorse twystematics in any way, of course.

I tweet as @SteveRHolmes, blog (somewhat erratically) here, have an official homepage here, and can be found on Facebook.